Sales of both caravans and motorhomes have exploded over the last 12 months and this is possibly due to the great British “Staycation” trend. Although it is not necessarily the only cause

There are now concerns that the housing crisis, with families struggling in smaller homes are not able to “put-up” relations as easily as they once did. And according to the National Caravan Council, motorhomes are often solving the spare room shortage. The “staycation” phenomenon is fuelled also by the falling value of the pound against the euro.

Someone we spoke to at the NEC in October 2017, who commutes from the midlands to London regularly is seriously considering the purchase of a motorhome purely to reduce the time wasted in a daily commute or expensive overnight digs.

All of these factors will no doubt impact the second-hand value of motorhomes too which is good news for owners as their depreciating asset runs at a slower rate. There have been stories banded around during 2017 of folks buying a new motorhome 2 years ago, only to sell it 2 years later for little or no loss.